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Trespassers will be prosecuted." sign, but there was no one around to enforce such a statement. I took my flashlight and wrapped my coat around it, then did my best to brush away the broken glass from a nearby window frame.We vaulted over the fence and walked through the small parking lot to the front door. "Who needs doors," I joked as I invited the others in before me. The only light provided was from our flashlights which did surprisingly little to light the corridor.And with that we decided to dedicate the next weekend to exploring the abandoned factory which had shut down the year before under mysterious circumstances. I assumed someone knew why it closed, but why would I know?I was just a 18 year old high school student with two adventurous friends and a lot of free time."Kind of hot though," Chris said, more to himself than to me or Sylvia. The diagrams were large, they had to be in order to convey that level of detail, especially considering that Sylvia was right: it did look like it was drawn in blood. She opened her eyes and for a moment they were completely white with no iris or pupil.Despite myself I found myself getting a bit turned on. We hurried back to her, and I saw that her hand was down the front of her loose cargo pants, frantically rubbing her pussy in circles. Slowly she came back to her senses as Chris and I shared a worried glance. "I don't know, that's what I want to ask you," I said.

They followed with easily enough, Chris shaking his head a little as if to clear his thoughts. I guessed that's where we would have entered had we gone in through the door. "No stop, it's not a prank I'm really scared," Sylvia cut him off, almost crying. "I think I was just possessed by a ghost." "A ghost! It's almost a kind of instruction for anyone who comes in here. I was genuinely surprised to find myself soaking wet already.

————— We showed up that Saturday at the factory at 9 p.m. It's high brick walls were broken in places, and there were more broken windows than intact ones.

The fence around the drive entry had a sign stating "Keep out.

All were vaguely human-shaped, and all were naked, although as I looked closer, they weren't all equally human-shaped.

I saw what looked like a very short man with three dicks equally spaced on his torso like a triangle.

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