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We’ve had that in the works for a while and now we’re just waiting to hear back from the IRS, but I’ve been trying to operate it like a semi-traditional non-profit.

I formed a board and directors and I run everything together.

But we have to donate those to specific places because we could give cups to someone who has no idea how to use one.

We will donate that stuff to live-in housing like City of Refuge, Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Atlanta Women’s Medical Center.

SBM: I think since we’ve started we’ve collected up to 60,000-80,000 products, and when I say products I don’t just mean the box itself but every item inside. As far as monetary donations I’d say maybe 2 to 3 grand tops.

We don’t really focus on monetary donations as much, but when we do it’s great because it allows us to buy things that are harder to donate like brand new bras in a variety of sizes, brand new underwear or a ton of deodorants and shampoo.

I would say we’re definitely a textbook grassroots group when it comes to organizing. Technically we have four members, which is just the board, but we have three more individuals that regularly work with us around their school schedules.ER: What do you and other Peach Coven members do to promote the cause?SBM: Basically to get the word out I just use our social media pages.For almost a year, The Peach Coven has raised awareness for this cause in Atlanta with donation bins, pad-and-tampon drives, DIY period kits and fundraising events to ensure that every homeless woman is able to retain her health and dignity every month.Inspired by this undertaking, we caught up with Sarah Belle Miles about how she started this charity and why art, activism and college communities are the most drawn to The Peach Coven mission. Emme Raus: What inspired your mission to donate menstrual supplies to women in homeless shelters?

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