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A priest named Roland de Vaux, who excavated at Qumran about 50 years ago and first noted the stepped water pools, argued that the site’s population was increasing and the water system expansion was needed for drinking and baths. Their excavations show that residential space at Qumran did not increase and that only two or three of the stepped pools were ritually suited to be used as .

The researchers argue that pottery production was the reason for Qumran’s water system expansion.

One of these fell into a small hole in the rock and was followed by the sound of the breaking of pottery,” writes researcher Geza Vermes in his book "The Story of the Scrolls" (Penguin Books, 2010).

“Muhammed climbed in and found several ancient manuscripts in a jar.

Its population may have been no higher than a few dozen people.The Temple Scroll consists of 18 sheets of parchment, each of which has three or four columns of text; the lengthy scroll, spanning 26.74 feet (8.15 meters) and considered the largest scroll ever discovered in the Qumran caves, is now digitized online with English translations.The site of Khirbet Qumran (a modern Arabic name) is located in the West Bank, near the northern edge of the Dead Sea, and is the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 11 nearby caves 70 years ago.One scroll is made of copper and describes the location of buried treasure. 70, the copper scroll being written perhaps a few decades later.There were no New Testament gospels found in the caves. Vermes writes that the vast majority of the scrolls are written in Hebrew with a smaller number in Aramaic and only a few in Greek (although Greek was a popular language at the time).

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