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However, you should avoid withdrawal method though if you're still young and only have casual sex.Using condoms is a better way to prevent pregnancies in most conditions, especially when you're not sure about the safe days.Knowing when ovulation occurs usually creates a sense of confidence for those who are trying to conceive.You can track ovulation with irregular periods using a number of tools.The menstrual cycle can be divided into 3 phases: pre-ovulatory, ovulation, and post-ovulatory or the luteal phase, and the length of each phase can vary.The rhythm method to predict your window of fertility can give an answer to the above question.

Some of these methods have been in use for thousands of years, but not all of them are accurate enough to serve the purpose.

It also depends on the life span of the egg and the sperm.

The life span of an egg is usually no more than 24 hours, and if the sperm doesn't fertilize it within 24 hours, the egg will die.

You can always have sex during the first trimester with carrying a normal pregnancy.

Many women have sex until their due date without an issue – it may be a bit uncomfortable at times.

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