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Belief by its very nature can only exist in the margin of error.

That is the margin where God examines your commitment as ‘blessed are those who believe in the unseen’.

A few concepts proposed by these esteemed writers attracted my interest and thought to throw my bid in the tender.

The first was Dawit’s ‘self-liberation’ where he seems to argue for a rise above the tide to disentangle ourselves from self-interested subjectivity that biases our judgement and allow nature to run its course.

This time brother Yohannes Zerai gave the adherents of Dawit’s philosophy the name ‘progressive forces’ and drafted the backbone of their first ‘politikawi miniqiqa H’.

If you are a Christian or Muslim who claims that you are a 100% certain God does exist, you are an infidel and you are going to hell no matter what your guru may be telling you.It is by far the dumbest constitution ever written. Even if you are a Tigrigna that we tend to assume are part of the conspiracy, you would be the first to dump the constitution unless you wanted your grandkids to continue to be slaves of ‘Hidri sema’etat’. In our little world here, where instead of consolidating the cause that we should fight for, we are obsessed with consolidating a united opposition that would then hitchhike any direction, things such as the constitution tend to give people false hope that a mobilizing formula can be worked out.That is where the old guard of the opposition is stuck.One such milestone is the 1997 constitution that many here seem to think is the magic bullet to unite the opposition.The 1997 constitution, by its own admission as you know, is a “means of governing” (replacing the PFDJ Charter), i.e.

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