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Indicators also reveal the status of a friend (signed on or not) by placing some type of icon next to the name.It is very common for teenagers to have multiple names in their list.Once a user has an account they can travel between both worlds with the click of a mouse. While using “Yahoo Instant Message” a user can simply drop down a menu and select “Yahoo Chat” and instantly be presented with a list of available topics and corresponding rooms.Other examples are “AIM Chat” and “Google Hangout.” There are, however, many other chat room web sites that focus on chatting exclusively and are not tied with major search engine web sites.

The personal information listed during the initial registration also becomes part of the teen’s online profile for that service.

There are no verification efforts to make sure a person creating an account is who they say they are.

This allows for an anonymity many predators desire when they can pose as a much younger person in order to meet others.

A chat room window basically combines people who will only know each other based on their profile and registered screen name.

If a person decides they want to “go private” with someone in the room, they click that person’s name and ask to send an Instant Message.

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