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Napster co-founder Shawn Fanning (“napster”) is known to have been a member of w00w00, along with a number of other early employees of the pioneering music file-sharing service.Meanwhile, although not universally recognised by the group, Sean Parker (“dob”), Napster’s other co-founder and the ex-president of Facebook, is said to have been present at the beginning of w00w00’s formation.Ritter has since co-founded multiple companies including Cloudmark and Servio.Members of w00w00 were also some of the first users of Napster after initially reverse-engineering various aspects of the service in protest of Fanning’s refusal to allow them to inspect the source code.For this group of old friends, assembled for an impromptu reunion, the venue would feel familiar: an online chat room running on a secure private server.Each were former members of the elite hacking group “w00w00” and they had reconvened that afternoon to celebrate and share in the success of one of their own. But rather than success being the discovery of a new software exploit or penetration of a computer network, this was something more extraordinary.

They included system architect Jordan Ritter (“nocarrier’), who played a key role in helping Napster scale and is sometimes credited as a co-founder, and server admin Evan Brewer (“dmess0r’).

Contrary to our use of the term “members” to describe those who have gained entry into the group, the w00w00 website explicitly states “there are no ‘members,'” only participants, since to a certain extent membership remained informal.

Framing it that way also likely protected the autonomy of its participants, many of whom already worked for major security companies.

Formed sometime around 1996 and still active until the early 2000s, not a huge amount is known publicly about w00w00 or its precise activities.

Its online footprint consists almost entirely of the security tools and advisories issued by various participants of the group and media coverage garnered through the discovery of such software exploits.

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“This is, in our opinion, the greatest tool for finding MP3s in the world,” a cached version of the w00w00 website reads.

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