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Collection of certificate has to be done by the individual participant at CDA Corporate Affairs Branch.

A suitable representative may collect on your behalf, provided he has duly completed the authorisation form.

The scheme was given wide publicity since 1989 and with the passing of the Fire Safety Act 1993 and the Fire Safety (Fire Safety Manager) Regulations 1994, it has become mandatory for owners of designated buildings to appoint Fire Safety Managers.

FSMs that are not certified are not allowed to practise or be appointed as FSM by building owners or occupiers.

The CPD program has been instituted for FSMs to upgrade their knowledge and skills and to keep abreast with the new developments in the fire safety domain.

FSMs are to accumulate a minimum of 30 points within the 3 years cycle in order to remain as a Certified FSM.

Senior FSM will require 40 CPD points to be recertified as Senior FSM. At the end of the 3-year fixed CPD cycle, FSMs will need to be re-certified through the attainment of at least 30 CPD points within the 3-year cycle to continue to practise as a FSM in the coming CPD cycle.

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He is to provide relevant details on location, type of fire and possible hazards within the building and especially the fire floor to SCDF upon arrival.

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