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that aims to dig a deep into who you are, and what you may like in a partner.

At 258 questions, and taking almost 18 hours to complete, it is a lot of effort.

Even in the early days of online dating, the sites used questionnaires and profile information to try and find you the perfect date.

However, before the Big Data boom it was often quite a manual process and could sometimes leave you disappointed by the end of a date.

This high volume of matches far exceeds OKCupid, e Harmony, or any other traditional data-based dating site.

Tinder does still use data like location, number of mutual friends, and common interests to suggest matches.

It’s that data though which allows the site to build up as much information on you as they can before plugging you into their matching algorithms.

Like many other tech startups, OKCupid was developed by Harvard University students back in 2001.

Thanks to the lower prices for ever more powerful hardware and processors, the cost of storing data has dropped dramatically.

The key difference with Tinder is that it doesn’t ask its users to fill in lengthy questionnaires.

Instead, it uses data that they already know, either from your smartphone or Facebook, to provide you with matches.

Probably the most popular among the competition is Tinder.

Using their mobile app you swipe your way through suggestions based on location, a short bio populated from your Facebook profile, and some images.

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As the company is privately owned it has no obligation to share its data and statistics with the general public.

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