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On the dedicated server for Ne Di, download the Ne Di tar-ball file where MAC, IP and DNS will be specific to the nodes in question.This is just annoying "noise" which we would like Ne Di to discard, because it's perfectly normal.One usage scenario will be multiple tagged VLANs on an interface.To configure a RHEL6/Cent OS6 network interface for VLAN, see 9.2.6.In stead it is recommended to download from the Sanitized IEEE OUI Data (oui.txt) page.Another possibility is to use the arp-scan tool , and those files will be refreshed every 15 minutes by the arpwatch daemon (previous files are renamed with a "-" extension).Setting Up 802.1q VLAN Tagging (see also Configure an Ethernet interface as a VLAN trunk (Red Hat)).You can force Ne Di to discard all such events in the If this doesn't cease, it's actually a problem on one or both switches.

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One annoying bug is that the arpwatch daemon will report all DHCP lease renewals in the syslog similar to: , is exceeded, the kernel will try to remove ARP cache entries by a garbage collection process.

This is going to hit you in terms of sporadic loss of connectivitiy between pairs of nodes.

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